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Next Millionaire

【MV】 Connect the World 【hololive English Original Song】
is 53,304 views away from 1,000,000!!

Next Milestone

【MV】Sparks of Joy / IRyS【Original Song】
is 1,497 views away from 700,000!!

Channel Milestones

【MV】Sparks of Joy / IRyS【Original Song】1,497 away from 700,000!!
【MV】Moment of my life / IRyS【Original Song】1,902 away from 300,000!!
【IRyS】 Shiny Smily Story / hololive IDOL PROJECT 【COVER】11,245 away from 600,000!!
【MV】Erande Kurete Arigato - Honeyworks【IRyS x Baelz Cover】11,923 away from 400,000!!
【ANIMATION MV】A Million Miles Away - BELLE || HAKOS BAELZ COVER14,855 away from 900,000!!
地球最後の告白を / Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo【IRyS Cover】【歌ってみた】15,724 away from 400,000!!

Topic Channel Milestones

Moment of my life8,960 away from 200,000!!
あかつきと花11,919 away from 300,000!!
ENJOY! JOY!! JOYFUL!!!12,851 away from 200,000!!
哀の十界16,433 away from 200,000!!
One Step at a Time55,841 away from 800,000!!
HERE COMES HOPE (Midnight ver.)66,393 away from 100,000!!